Near Infrared / Red Light Therapy in Fresno

Joint PainNear Infrared and Red Light Therapy: Low level light therapy can be used to accelerate healing and reduce pain. Both are non-invasive and are quite effective. There are distinct differences between the two therapies and each may be recommended for muscle pain and damaged tissue.

Near Infrared Therapy (NIR)

NIR uses LED light to penetrate deeply into the body and have a healing effect on cells. The mitochondria of cells respond to near infrared wavelengths. The light triggers an increase in cell metabolism, photo synthesis, and anti-oxidant activity which allows for cells to detoxify and inflammation and pain are reduced. Additionally, near infrared therapy promotes growth and regeneration of the cells.

Red Light Therapy (RLT)

RLT uses low level laser to promote the mitochondria of the cells to make more energy to heal. It has been found to help with joint pain and conditions such as osteoarthritis and tendinitis.  Red light therapy can reduce inflammation and lessen pain using light therapy of 630-700nm on the electromagnetic scale.

Benefits of NIR and RLT:

  • help with joint and muscle pain
  • faster athletic recovery times
  • reduce inflammation
  • stimulate healing of the cells / promote cell regeneration
  • improve circulation
  • restore function and flexibility
  • stimulate hair growth in men & women
  • reduce acne inflammation & breakouts
  • help decrease appearance of eczema, psoriasis, and shingles outbreak
  • reduce fine lines, loose skin, sun damage, & wrinkles
  • aids with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), depression, anxiety

Both NIR and RLT are considered safe to promote healing and regeneration of the cells.

Stop pain today naturally with light therapy:

With our experience in alleviating pain, you are sure to find your symptoms decrease after a few sessions. Give us a call today for a consultation at (559) 478-4583 to see if you are a candidate for light therapy.

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