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There was a time when I was sure I would have to close my personal training business because it was too physically painful to continue.  Then I met Dr. Brooke and began getting weekly adjustments, Graston and Rock Tape. Within weeks I felt so much better that all thoughts of closing my business went away.  Now, my mangled shoulder and knee rarely even need Graston and Rock Tape!  Weekly adjustments are all I need to keep me going.  Dr. Brooke literally saved my business, and continues to save me a LOT of pain and discomfort.
John G.

For almost five months Sadie Mae has HATED tummy time. She absolutely refused to do anything other than lay on her back. When people held her, she HAD to face outward with her back against their chest or she flipped out. Most people heard me say “all I want to do is cuddle her on my shoulder but she won’t let me”. She HATED her car seat, screamed every time I tried to burp her. She was cranky and uncomfortable and then there was the spit up. SO MUCH SPIT UP 😖. She screamed when she ate, she screamed when she was done eating, she arched her back, she was super gassy, she’d cough and choke while she nursed, the list went on and on. Our doctors office has many different doctors and Nurse practitioners and in the last 4 months she’s seen 3 doctors and 2 NPs. I told them all the same things and was ALWAYS told she had reflux. They gave her meds and said she’d outgrow it around 4 months. The thing was, as time went on, she wasn’t getting any better. After trying so many different things, we came to the conclusion she was just not as easy and Jake was (since we kinda lucked out with him 😆). A friend of mine had told me she’d taken her infant to see a chiropractor and I finally decided to try it out. I took Sadie to see Brooke Bargamian Courtright DC and before I was even able to tell her ALL the things we’d been experiencing, she suspected Sadie had a tongue tie. THIS WAS WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF MEETING US AND BEFORE SHE EVER LOOKED IN HER MOUTH! When I looked up the symptoms, it turned out everything I’d told the doctors about my sweet Sadie for the last four months were all on the list. Sadie was then adjusted by the chiropractor and I saw a difference instantly. She was relaxed, happy, and was perfectly fine when I put her in her car seat. It’s been two weeks and Sadie is doing tummy time like a champ, even sleeping on her belly sometimes. The best part is she is finally letting me cuddle her and has even fallen asleep on my shoulder. She is still getting frustrated when she eats and her tongue tie was confirmed by a lactation consultant. We are making an appointment with a pediatric dentist to see if they recommend fixing it. I know this is a super long post, BUT I know lots of my friends have little babies and I’m hoping if you’re having any of these issues you can also find answers. I’d honestly recommend Dr. Brooke 1000000%. She’s literally changed our lives.

Grace F.

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